In Focus: Solitude. No Need to Save Anyone


Director: Daniel Kemeny

Switzerland / 2020 / 75′

Forty years ago, 2000 people lived there, today Pietrapaola, in Calabria, is home to 200 people. Daniel Kemény returns to the place of his childhood twenty years later. In search of lost time, the filmmaker collects musical accounts, brings together their protagonists and gives these memories a new life, thus playing the generous transmitter who helps keep alive the oral history of a world whose popular traditions are dying off.

Screenplay: Erik Bernasconi, Daniel Kemény, Dario D’Amato, Manuel Perrone

Producer: Michela Pini

Cinematographer: Carlotta Holy-Steinemann

Music: onlydiegeticmusic

Editing: Maria lovine, Giorgia Villa

Cast: Nicola Gentile, Tonino Talarico, Daniel Kemény, Salvatore Pugliese, Claudio Callera


Stills from the film