of the Pacific Meridian International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries in Vladivostok


Year after year the Festival is winning over the audience, developing people’s taste for real cinema. Its interesting and diverse program and a chance to discuss the festival films with their creators and festival curators have brought their results – the Pacific Meridian Festival has its audience!

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I find the Pacific Meridian program?

The program will appear on the Pacific Meridian website a month before the start of the festival.

When will the schedule for the Pacific Meridian Festival appear?

The schedule of the festival will appear two weeks before its start. It will be available on the festival website in the Schedule section.

When does the ticket sale start?

The box-offices start selling tickets two weeks before the festival starts.

Where can I buy tickets for the screenings of the Pacific Meridian Festival?

Tickets will be sold in the box-offices of the Illuzion movie theaters and on its website

Where can I buy a ticket to the Opening and Closing ceremonies?

Tickets to the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Pacific Meridian Festival will be available in the box-office of the Gorky Drama Theatre of Primorsky Krai (Svetlanskaya street, 49).

Where will the Pacific Meridian film screenings take place?
  • Movie halls of the OKEAN and USSURI movie theaters;
  • Evening screenings in the Open Air Cinema, Sportivnaya Seafront;
  • Evening screenings in the Brynner Park (Aleutskaya street, 15B).
Can I read the Pacific Meridian Festival Catalogue online?

Yes. The online Pacific Meridian Festival Catalogue will be available on the website as a PDF. 

Will directors and actors be present at the screenings for discussion of films?

Yes. Directors and actors will attend the majority of film screenings. Complete information will be available in the schedule on the Pacific Meridian website.

How can I get the recent news about the Pacific Meridian Festival?

You can subscribe to us in social media (links below ↓) and check information on our website.

I really love the Pacific Meridian Festival. How can I become a part of it?

You can join our team of volunteers. Volunteers are involved in every step of the festival organization, starting with preparing for the opening ceremony and meeting guests at the airport and finishing with the final screening on the day of the festival closing.

Audience Choice Award

The Pacific Meridian viewers also have a chance to vote for the best Russian film, so it can receive the Audience Choice Award – probably the most important Award for any director!

Before every screening of the film, nominated for the Audience Choice Award, each viewer will get a special ballot for voting. We ask our audience to tear the ballot a little, voting YES or NAY, and give it to a volunteer when you exit the movie hall. All your votes will be taken into account.

The best film will be determined based on the votes of the audience after all the screenings!

Cinephile Accreditation

Since 2017 our regulars have a chance to use a special offer for cinephiles (people who love cinema, devote a significant portion of their free time to watching films, enjoy this activity, analyze films from different perspectives). The most ardent cinema-lovers, cinema club members, film school students can apply for Cinephile accreditation by writing a short essay ‘Why do I love cinema’.

Being accredited as a Cinephile gives you a right for:

  • Complimentary tickets for two films per day*
  • Complimentary tickets to workshops*
  • Attendance at the festival press-conferences upon presentation of a Cinephile badge

* Accreditation does not guarantee attendance at a film screening, but gives an opportunity to get a ticket for a film screening. Please note that the number of film screenings is LIMITED.