In Deep Sleep

Russian Cinema

Director: Maria Ignatenko

Russia / 2020 / 67′

Victor spent two days getting to the hospital to find out that Nika had died. After listening to the doctor, he went out into the street. The street was asleep. The whole city was asleep. But everything in it was breathing, snoring, muttering in sleep. This sleeping city was like a nightmare. In this nightmare, the unconscious sleepers intertwined with memories of his love. Victor was wandering around the city in search of a person who, like him, was on this side of reality. And he found him.

Screenplay: Maria Ignatenko

Producer: Ekaterina Mikhailova

Cinematographer: Veronika Solovieva

Art Director: Lyudmila Duplyakina

Music: Roman Kurochkin

Editing: Maria Ignatenko

Cast: Vadik Korolev, Lyudmila Duplyakina, Dmitry Kubasov

Stills from the film