Lingua Franca


Director: Isabel Sandoval

USA, Philippines / 2019 / 95´

In this beguiling drama, an undocumented Filipina immigrant paranoid about deportation works as a caregiver to a Russian-Jewish grandmother in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. When the American man she’s secretly paying for a green card marriage backs out, she becomes involved with a slaughterhouse worker who is unaware that she’s transgender.

Screenplay: Isabel Sandoval

Producer: Jhett Tolentino, Carlo Velayo, Darlene Catly Malimas, Isabel Sandoval

Cinematographer: Isaac Banks

Art Director: Clint Ramos

Editing: Isabel Sandoval

Cast: Isabel Sandoval, Eamon Farren, Ivory Aquino, PJ Boudousque, Lev Gorn, Lynn Cohen


Stills from the film