Salka in the No Man’s Land

In Focus: Solitude. No Need to Save Anyone

Director: Xavi Herrero

Spain / 2019 / 67′

Salka is a young Mauritanian who decides to migrate to Europe for a better future. Disguised as a boy, she will have to cross the entire Sahara Desert on the world’s longest train journey to reach the Atlantic coast. This 700 km route borders the so-called “No Man’s Land”, the troubled border between Mauritania and Western Sahara, with Morocco constantly invading the area. Director Xavi Herrero, who has become the first westerner to make the return journey on the Sahara train, becomes a silent witness to Salka’s journey. 

Screenplay: Xavi Herrero

Producer: Xavi Herrero, Marina Santa Eulalia

Cinematographer: Xavi Herrero

Music: Jamendo

Editing: Xavi Herrero

Cast: Aichetou Diallo, Marta Cañamaque, Fátima Oudled-driss


Stills from the film