The Mistress of the Copper Mountain

Russian Animation. Suzdalfest 2020

Russia / 2020 / 13´ 33´´

There is a special culture in the Urals — a mining one. It developed around mines and factories that mined and processed huge deposits of gemstones, ores, and metals. Everyone who was born here has a connection with mountain culture, they belong to a specific nationality — Uralian, and skin color or eye shape are not among its nationality characteristics. Like any other culture, it has its own gods. In the Urals rules the Mistress of the Copper Mountain. She controls underground treasures, she is the keeper of mining profession mysteries and secrets. And each god demands their own sacrifices.

Screenplay: Vladimir Geller 

Art Director: Anna Karpova

Awards: Grand Prix of the festival, 2nd place in the professional rating