The Way of the Dragon

Retrospectives. Bruce Lee

Director: Bruce Lee

Hong Kong / 1972 / 99´ 

A young Hong Kong man, Tang Lung arrives at Rome to help a friend of his family, a girl called Chen Ching-hua. She has been threatened by local gangsters who want to take over her restaurant. Soon after Tang’s arrival, the gangsters appear at the restaurant and force Chen to sign over the deed. They laugh at the Chinese style of fighting. Tang challenges and defeats them in an excellent show of his fighting skills. The mastermind of the gang orders Tang’s assassination. When this fails, the gang leader hires an international Karate champion form the United States in a last attempt to kill Tang. Tang meets the American in a coliseum and they fight like gladiators to the death. 

Screenplay: Bruce Lee

Producer: Raymond Chow 

Cinematographer: Ho Lan Shan

Art Director: Bruce Lee, Unicorn Chan

Music: Joseph Koo 

Editing: Chang Yao 

Cast: Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Nora Miao