Ābele Brothers

Brothers Lauris, Raitis and Marcis are Latvian filmmakers from Riga.

Lauris obtained a master’s degree in Audio-Visual Arts (film directing) at Latvian Academy of Culture.

Raitis Abele is a clinical psychologist but studied film art at New York Film Academy.

Marcis graduated Latvian Culture Academy as D.o.P. and obtained Masters in Audio-Visual Arts at Latvian Art Academy. Brothers mostly work as a creative trio.

International success came when the short CASTRATUS THE BOAR, co-directed by Raitis and Lauris, won the Grand Prix at Tampere Short FF in 2015. In 2018 the three brothers together created drama documentary about paganism traditions BALTIC TRIBES | LAST PAGANS OF EUROPE. TROUBLED MINDS is their first fiction feature film.